5 Well-Known Songs with a Christmas Twist

5 Well Known Songs with a Christmas Twist (1)

Are you struggling to find Christmas songs that you can sing with the children?  Why not take songs that they know well and change the words slightly or change all the words but keep the same tune?

The full versions of the following are included in the December section of my Early Years Music Ideas Membership

Change a few of the words:

Here are 4 examples of songs that I have created.  I’m sure there are other songs that you know that you could do something similar to fit the Christmas theme. 



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End of School Year Musical Fun!

End of School Year Musical Fun!

Are you looking for early years activity ideas to celebrate the end of the year?

Below I have listed past blogs that I have written that can help you with ideas with a musical element:

Music for the end of year concert

If you are looking for music for your end of year concert or graduation take a look at this blog for 11 music suggestions: 


The children are always excited when I get the bubbles out dur…

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