Early Years Music Ideas for Parents/Carers

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To help in this difficult time I have collated some blogs that parents/carers might find helpful when young children are at home:

10 nursery rhymes that I know the under 5s love

10 nursery rhymes that I know the under 5s love.jpg

It’s Music Time again.  Does your mind go blank when it comes to thinking of songs to sing?  Would you like a little help?  Click here for 10 songs that I know children love to sing:


5 Outdoor...

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15 Weather Props

15 Weather Props.png

Do you use props during your music time? If not, it is worth considering as they can really help children engage through a sensory/interactive element to an activity. I have listed below 15 props/resources that I have used with children from 0 to 5 years in weather themed songs, rhymes and listening activities.

1. Scarves: I have used these in activities where children listen to music inspired by rain, snow or wind

2. A Parachute: Is a good way to create the effect of wind for songs and...

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Balls and Balloons

Balls and Balloons.png

The use of balls and balloons during music activities give children a different way to explore 'moving and handling' in their physical development. It also helps with the development of their personal and social skills, and an opportunity to express themselves.  I use balls and balloons in singing and listening activities either on their own or on a piece of fabric, e.g. a parachute or Lycra.

Balloons are particularly good for younger children as they are easier for them to trace...

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Musical Scarves

Musical Scarves.jpg

Scarves are one of the essentials in my prop box as they are so versatile. The can be used with babies through to Reception age and beyond.  So how can you use this fantastic resource in your musical activities?  Here are some of the ways I use scarves in my music times.

Songs and Rhymes

I do most of my songs without props but occasionally it is worth adding a prop to either give it a new approach or to engage some of the children who may be reluctant to join in. Here are two ways I...

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5 Ways to Use Puppets during a Music Time

5 Ways to Use Puppets during a Music Time.jpg

Do you currently use puppets during your Music Time? If not it's time to get them out of the cupboard; they are a great resource! Here are 5 ideas:

Some of the ideas that I mention require each child to have a puppet; if you don’t have enough for one each then they can share (I talk more about this below), you could use other soft toys or, as an additional activity, you could get the children to create paper puppets. There are also affiliate links included for your convenience.


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Puppets and Soft Toys During a Music Time.

Puppets and Soft Toys During a Music Time..jpg

Using puppets and soft toys during a music time.

Have you wondered how you can make your music time more fun and engaging?  Do you have puppets and soft toys sitting in your cupboard? Well, puppets and soft toys can work wonders.  I have got some of the most reluctant children to join in by using puppets and soft toys!

How are you going to use them?


Songs and Rhymes


Using a single puppet:

Some song and rhymes only need one puppet.  The aim of the single puppet...

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Is It Time for Some Musical Spring Sorting?

Is It Time for some Musical Spring Sorting-.jpg

Do you have a cupboard full of resources? Do you use any of these for your musical activities?

If not, why not have a Spring sort through your cupboard to see if you could use any to make Music Time a little more fun!

You may use props to get the children to think about songs or rhymes, or it may be you encourage the children tointeract with the prop in a song, rhyme or listening activity. You can then put the props in your music or performing area so the children can continue to explore a...

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What’s a friendship ring?

What's a friendship ring-.jpg

What’s a friendship ring?

Well, in short, it’s just a brilliant resource!  That’s subjective I know but if I had to choose a list of essential resources to use during a Music Time this would be on that list.

So, what is it? 

It is a like a big hair scrunchie which allows everyone to work together.  Also because there is no fabric in the way it means the children can watch each other and learn from each other.  It’s hard to explain in words so...

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Bubbles - the smile maker!

Bubbles the smile maker!.jpg

Bubbles are always a firm favourite of the children I work with; I always get smiles and whoops of joy when they see them on the side ready to be used during my Music Time.

There are lots of ways you can use them during songs/rhymes and listening activities.  Just let your imagination run wild!  You can adapt well-known songs e.g.

Change Twinkle twinkle to a bubble theme:

Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere Can you catch them in the air? See them floating round and round Quick! before...

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5 ways to use a parachute during a Music Time

5 ways to use a parachute during a music time.jpg

Do you currently use your parachute during your Music Time?  If not it's time to get it out of the cupboard; it's a great resource!  You may like to try some of these ideas:

1. Move it!

Whether you are singing a song or listening to a piece of music a parachute is great for the children to develop their sense of pulse.  This can be done by moving it up and down, in and out or from side to side.  e.g. in Row, row, row the boat move the parachute in and out for the rowing...

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