Training and Musical Activity Ideas for Early Years Practitioners.

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Magical Music Time. For you, if you work with Toddlers, Preschoolers or Reception children and you would like help with the content of a music time! READ MORE

Musical Elements For you, if you want to take the children's musical experience to the next stage by also exploring the Music Elements.  READ MORE

Music Time Bundle.  Get Magical Music Time and Musical Elements at a reduced price! READ MORE

NEW The Singing Box For you, if you work with Toddlers, Preschoolers or Reception.  Get more from your song box READ MORE

Music and the 7 Areas of Learning For you, if you work with Toddlers, Preschoolers or Reception children and would like to use music to help more children shine in their learning! READ MORE

Music and Schemas For you, if you work with Toddlers, Preschoolers or Reception children and would like to explore how you can use music activities to explore schemas. READ MORE

Baby Music For you, if you care for a child/ren from Birth to ~ 18 months (non-walkers) READ MORE

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Singing and Rhymes with the Under 5s. For you, if you work with children from ~2 to 5 Years.  READ MORE

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Early Years Music Ideas

Are you looking for early years music ideas that link to different topics/themes, children’s interests, a book… ? On the Early Years Music Ideas website there are song, rhymes, rhythmic, instrument and listening activity ideas. 

  • “Magical Music Time Online Training: “I enjoyed the videos and weekly challenges. It was great to do things step by step, building on my learning” ”

    Sam Boyd's Childminding

  • “Baby Music Online Training: "The training has helped me with my role in the baby room. Having more confidence and thinking of new ideas to bring. I have found I'm singing and using tunes for more things line tidy up time and washing hands time."”

    Annie's Nursery

  • “Singing and Rhymes for the U5s Online Training: "I work in a setting with age ranges from 2-4 and this course has given a good understanding and the knowledge to make singing time fun for all and how to develop each childs singing skills to the next stage. Lots of new ideas to implement in my work setting.
    This course is very informative and stays on topic. I have worked with children for over 15 years and this course is going to help me to enhance my singing sessions."”


  • “Musical Elements Online Training “I enjoyed the fact that everything was explained simply so that if you were learning about music for the first time you could understand everything.””

  • “Music and the 7 Areas of Learning Online Training: "I really enjoyed finding out how to include music in maths, and through stories- steady beats and singing elements. Also receiving a lot of info on different music to listen to with the children. I shall definitely be buying a friendship ring, and have already implemented a better structure to exploring different musical instruments - really helping me plan my phase 1 phonics. Great ideas! Thank you!"”

  • “Music and Schemas Online Training: Lots of ideas to keep and use in the future. Different ways of thinking about schemas, that you may not even have thought about before. Like the use of songs we all know such as "driving in your car" and music such as zorba the greek will be just fantastic to do our music and dancing with. Much better than just dancing to same old songs and nursery rhymes that we usually use.”

My Blog 

Early Years Music Ideas for Parents/Carers

Early Years Music Ideas for Parents_Carers.png

To help in this difficult time I have collated some blogs that parents/carers might find helpful when young children are at home:

10 nursery rhymes that I know the under 5s love

10 nursery rhymes that I know the under 5s love.jpg

It’s Music Time again.  Does your mind go blank when it comes to thinking of songs to sing?  Would you like a little help?  Click here for 10 songs that I know children love to sing:


5 Outdoor...

Read more…

Not the Wheels on the Bus Again!

Not the Wheels on the Bus Again!.png

When I talk to many adults in nurseries and preschools they mention they are fed up with singing the same songs.  One of the songs that children ask for constantly is, ‘The Wheels on The Bus’.  Does this sound familiar?

How can you overcome this?

  • Vary how you approach a song.
  • Create a repertoire list
  • Suggest songs to the children that haven’t sung for a while
  • Introduce them to new songs and rhymes so they gain new favourites

Vary how you approach a song: using...

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Musical Opposites

Musical Opposites.png

When I get the instruments out with the children, I hear many of them shaking/banging/scraping as fast and/or hard as they can. Does this sound familiar? I find most children love playing as loud and fast as they can although there are a few who prefer to play quietly and maybe slowly.

We can use this to our advantage when exploring sound as we can encourage the children to explore opposites in music, two examples being dynamics (loud and quiet) and tempo (speed: fast/slow)


Read more…

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