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Magical Music Time. For you, if you work with Toddlers, Preschoolers or Reception children and you would like help with the content of a music time! READ MORE

Musical Elements For you, if you want to take the children's musical experience to the next stage by also exploring the Music Elements.  READ MORE

Music Time Bundle.  Get Magical Music Time and Musical Elements at a reduced price! READ MORE

Music and the 7 Areas of Learning For you, if you work with Toddlers, Preschoolers or Reception children and would like to use music to help more children shine in their learning! READ MORE

Baby Music For you, if you care for a child/ren from Birth to ~ 18 months (non-walkers)

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Singing and Rhymes with the Under 5s. For you, if you work with children from ~2 to 5 Years.  READ MORE

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Early Years Music Ideas

Are you looking for early years music ideas that link to different topics/themes, children’s interests, a book… ? On the Early Years Music Ideas website there are song, rhymes, rhythmic, instrument and listening activity ideas. 

  • “Magical Music Time Online Training: “I enjoyed the videos and weekly challenges. It was great to do things step by step, building on my learning” ”

    Sam Boyd's Childminding

  • “Baby Music Online Training: "The training has helped me with my role in the baby room. Having more confidence and thinking of new ideas to bring. I have found I'm singing and using tunes for more things line tidy up time and washing hands time."”

    Annie's Nursery

  • “Singing and Rhymes for the U5s Online Training: "I work in a setting with age ranges from 2-4 and this course has given a good understanding and the knowledge to make singing time fun for all and how to develop each childs singing skills to the next stage. Lots of new ideas to implement in my work setting. This course is very informative and stays on topic. I have worked with children for over 15 years and this course is going to help me to enhance my singing sessions."”


  • “Musical Elements Online Training “I enjoyed the fact that everything was explained simply so that if you were learning about music for the first time you could understand everything.””

  • “Music and the 7 Areas of Learning: "I really enjoyed finding out how to include music in maths, and through stories- steady beats and singing elements. Also receiving a lot of info on different music to listen to with the children. I shall definitely be buying a friendship ring, and have already implemented a better structure to exploring different musical instruments - really helping me plan my phase 1 phonics. Great ideas! Thank you!"”

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5 Ways to Sing with Baby

5 Ways to Sing with Baby.png

Singing is a great way to both stimulate and soothe a baby.  Using songs and rhymes in different ways can help with their development.  Here are 5 different types of song/rhyme activities that you could do with the babies in your care:

1. Watching

These are songs and rhymes where the baby will just listen to you sing with or without a prop.  They may be in your arms, lying, or sitting in front of you.

Just listening to your voice

You can stimulate a baby by just using your...

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15 Weather Props

15 Weather Props.png

Do you use props during your music time? If not, it is worth considering as they can really help children engage through a sensory/interactive element to an activity. I have listed below 15 props/resources that I have used with children from 0 to 5 years in weather themed songs, rhymes and listening activities.

1. Scarves: I have used these in activities where children listen to music inspired by rain, snow or wind

2. A Parachute: Is a good way to create the effect of wind for songs and...

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Balls and Balloons

Balls and Balloons.png

The use of balls and balloons during music activities give children a different way to explore 'moving and handling' in their physical development. It also helps with the development of their personal and social skills, and an opportunity to express themselves.  I use balls and balloons in singing and listening activities either on their own or on a piece of fabric, e.g. a parachute or Lycra.

Balloons are particularly good for younger children as they are easier for them to trace...

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