Eyes on Me 1,2,3!

Eyes on Me 1, 2, 3!

Do you like to use songs and rhymes in your routines?

Would you like some songs to get the children's attention?  I have gathered together some songs that I have heard, found and created to share with you.  Here are 6:

Carpet Song

(tune Frere Jacques)

Are you criss cross? Are you criss cross? Eyes on me? Eyes on me? Hands in your lap Hands in you lap. Quietly Quietly

Everybody do this

Everybody do this, Do this, do this Everybody do this Just like me!

Eyes on me!

Eyes on me 1, 2, 3 (…

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3 Musical Ideas to Initiate Tidying Up

3 Musical Ideas to Initiate Tidying Up

Let’s bring a little Mary Poppins to tidying up time: make it fun!

What musical ideas can you use? 

There are 3 musical ideas you could use to initiate tidying up: 

1. Instrument: 

You could use a tambourine, a drum, a shaker...  whatever you can easily access and play.

1. Tap the syllables in the words that you want to ask the children.  For example you could use the following phrases:

Tidy up time (2 short taps, 1 long tap,  1 long tap) e.g.:

Are you nearly done? (1 long tap,1 long…

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