Add Some Seasonal Sparkle to your Music Time

Add Some Seasonal Sparkle to your Music Time

Bonfire night has always been one of my highlights of autumn.  I still have vivid memories from my childhood of gathering around a bonfire and then watching fireworks.

How can we bring this fun and enjoyable experience to a music time?

Fantastic pieces of music and lights!

Every year in my classes, whatever the theme I’m doing, I always ensure we have a bonfire night week. We may sing a song or two that has a firework connection but the firework wonder is delivered through the listening t…

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World Book Day and Music

It's World Book Day

You can take most stories and include musical concepts: dynamics (loud and quiet), tempo (speed), rhythm (long and short sounds), pulse (reading to a steady beat)…  You are probably doing these things without even realising; these are what I believe brings story reading to life!

Here is a break down of how I approach the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  This was one of my children’s favourite books when they were young!

What musical elements can we focus on that will…

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