CPD During the 6 Week Holiday

CPD During the 6 Week Holiday

Are you looking to learn something new during the long 6-week break?  Would you like to develop your understanding of early years music?

If yes, I can help!

To get you started you might like to take my quiz:

Other Blogs that might help

Blogs that talk about PDP: 

If you would like to do more with nursery rhymes, take a look here: 

Maybe you would like t…

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It Is Okay to Make Mistakes!

It is okay to make mistakes

We are only human after all! 

I have made mistakes in front of the children before and I’m sure I will continue to do so.  Whether it be getting the words and tune wrong, strumming the wrong chord on my guitar… I will correct myself or let the children know that I didn’t quite get it right.  Mostly they just accept it and we carry on but sometimes they find it funny or sometimes even look at me with wonder!  All is fine.  I’m sure you know that as an educational professional, children need to k…

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