7 Songs/Rhymes That Get Children Moving!

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Music and movement go together like cheese and crackers, a chair and table, rain and an umbrella.. you get the idea; they complement each other.  So, I have listed 7 songs and rhymes that I know will get children moving!

1. Grand Old Duke of York.  Who can sing this nursery rhymes without moving?  The words tell the children what to do.  It is great for emphasising the pulse (the beat in music).  If you're not sure about what is meant by the pulse/beat...

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Counting: 1,2,3,4,5

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I wrote a blog previously talking about counting backwards and someone asked if I could suggest songs for counting forwards.  So, I have listened and here it is. To read the counting backwards blog please click here: 

Here are some songs and rhymes that have counting forwards within them:

  • 5 fat peas in a peapod

  • When I was 1 pirate song

  •  1 potato, 2 potato... (this is a good one to...

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Ready, Steady, Play!

Ready, Steady, Play!.jpg

Is there an aspect of play in your Music Time?

What do I mean by this?  Activities that give the children a chance to explore sound and express themselves at their level.  I think music can sometimes follow the same path as art and design in the early years; it becomes too focused on the end product rather than letting the children explore and experiment.  That’s not to say we don’t teach the children to sing songs but we need to ensure we are giving them equal...

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Counting: 5,4,3,2,1

Counting_ 5,4,3,2,1.jpg

Music is a great way to help children develop mathematical concepts. I even did research for my teaching degree dissertation on this:‘An investigation into how music can help children’s learning in maths, especially in the concept area of pattern’

How can music help with counting backwards?

Songs and rhymes are brilliant at facilitating counting backwards and there are many to choose from. Below I have listed those that I use:

  • 5 little ducks
  • 5 little men
  • 10 in the bed
  • 10 sausages
  • 5 little...

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Baa Baa…Sheep...

Baa, Baa... Sheep....jpg

I follow lots of early years groups and one of the questions that comeup frequently is, what are the alternate words to…. said nursery rhymes?

One that seemsto get lots of responses is baa, baa black sheep. I have included below some of the ideas that I have come across. I don’t know who the original creators are so I’m unable to give them credit but I hope that you manage to find something that will inspire you to try something new in your early years setting!

If you need help with the tune,...

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5 Musical Tips to Start 2018 On Track

5 Musical Tips to Start 2018 On Track.jpg

Do you currently feel that musical activities in your early years setting are non-existent or lack creativity?

What are your current musical activities? 

  • Singing a few songs;
  • Learn songs for an end of term concert
  • Putting a CD on and letting the children listen… 

If you feel this is what you are currently doing, don’t beat yourself up! You can make some simple changes and give the children a wonderful and fully rounded experience in your setting.


1. Have a...

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It Is Okay to Make Mistakes!

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We are only human after all! 

I have made mistakes in front of the children before and I’m sure I will continue to do so.  Whether it be getting the words and tune wrong, strumming the wrong chord on my guitar… I will correct myself or let the children know that I didn’t quite get it right.  Mostly they just accept it and we carry on but sometimes they find it funny or sometimes even look at me with wonder!  All is fine.  I’m sure you...

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50 Song and Rhymes

50 Songs and Rhymes.jpg

What song and rhymes will you sing/say with the children in your early years setting in the next year?

Here are 50 songs and rhymes, in alphabetical order, that I have sung or will be singing in the next year: 

  1. A hedgehog is very prickly
  2. Aeroplanes, aeroplanes
  3. An elephant
  4. Baa, baa black sheep
  5. Bobby Shaftoe
  6. Big Bear
  7. Christmas pudding
  8. Cobbler, cobbler
  9. Coffee, coffee
  10. Cows in the kitchen
  11. Cuckoo
  12. Dr Foster
  13. Dingly dangly scarecrow
  14. Down in the jungle
  15. Five little ducks
  16. Five little men
  17. Five...

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Musical Scarves

Musical Scarves.jpg

Scarves are one of the essentials in my prop box as they are so versatile. The can be used with babies through to Reception age and beyond.  So how can you use this fantastic resource in your musical activities?  Here are some of the ways I use scarves in my music times.

Songs and Rhymes

I do most of my songs without props but occasionally it is worth adding a prop to either give it a new approach or to engage some of the children who may be reluctant to join in. Here are two ways I...

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