Help, I have no voice!

Help, I have no voice! copy

It’s not until you no longer have your voice that you realise how much you rely on it as a teacher.

My job requires me to talk and of course sing.  I lost my voice at the end of June 2015, which thankfully was near the end of the summer term so my classes were near an end, but I had videos to create for the new ‘Music Time’ plans that I created.  It only started to get back to normal at the beginning of September; that’s a long time!

I don’t think that I did myself any favours at the start of …

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Time for a change this Autumn!


Time for a change this Autumn; are you fed up with the ‘same old same old’?

Do you struggle to think of new activity ideas? Are you fed up of doing the same ideas every Autumn? Well, why not think about the more unusual events that happen during Autumn like ‘Talk like a pirate day’, ‘Hug a bear day’ or even ‘World Food Day’.

Talk like a pirate day

  • Maybe get everyone dressing up as a pirate for the day. 
  • Make treasure maps - go on a hunt with clues
  • Bury treasure in the sand pit.
  • Create a…

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