Spring is nearly here!

It is nearly spring

Spring is nearly here!  Do you take your children on walks? Why not take them on a spring walk and make it a multi-sensory experience? What do you have nearby that you could explore?

  • A bluebell wood.  A fantastic experience for sight and sound. 
  • A farm:
    • lambs for the children to see and maybe feed
    • farm shop with the new spring vegetables.
  • Hedgerow walk.  Looking at different changes to the hedgerow.
  • If you live in a city go to a park where there are trees and bushes

Then get the…

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Get those children singing!

Get those children singing! (1)

Do you find that some of the children in your EYFS setting just sit there and don’t join in with the singing?  How can you get more of those children to join in? Let's get those children singing!

Joining in with your current repertoire

All children need to learn well-known nursery rhymes but sometimes the singing of them can become a little flat.  Giving the song a little twist could be all that's needed to get more children to join in.  It could be singing the song with a change in dynamics (…

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