So, why 'Music in EYFS?'

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  So, who is Anne, this founder of Music in EYFS? You may have already seen my brief video on Facebook; I mention that I am musician, composer, qualified teacher and mum! Here’s the link to the facebook page if not: 

Here’s a brief outline of my background. Music has always been a passion of mine. I play the piano, clarinet and a little guitar and I love singing. I’m not a professional musician and my main...

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Do you avoid doing a 'Music Time' because you think you'll get it wrong?

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Anyone can run a music time; you don’t need to be a musician.  All you need is confidence in yourself! Confidence comes with planning, preparation and practice.


So, where to start? Plan into your week a 20 or 30 minutes ‘Music Time’, depending on the age of the children, to just do music.  Include in that time song and rhymes; rhythm time on instruments or body percussion; and listening to music.  Also ensure there is an element of movement, whether...

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My 5 top tips for running a ‘Music Time’ in the EYFS

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1. Start by choosing songs you already know!

Why?  It will boost your confidence with running a music time. You know the words and tune already so you can just go ahead and teach the song/rhyme!

What? These can be nursery rhymes or well-known children’s songs or rhymes

2. Learn each song/rhyme for a maximum of  5-8 minutes in one sitting!

I have found that children lose interest if you spend longer than 5- 8 minutes learning a song.  It is also the most...

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