5 Percussion Instruments Children Love

5 Percussion Instruments Children Love

One of the children's favourite parts of a music time is getting the percussion instruments out. I’m going to share with you 5 percussion instruments that I know the children love getting their hands on.  For your convenience, there are Amazon affiliate links for the instruments I mention below.

Maracas or Shakers

These are a must for your instrument collection as they are easy for children to play.  Due to the accessibility they are great for children to play whilst singing any well-known son…

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7 Ways to use Drums in your Early Years Setting

7 Ways to use drums in your early years setting

Do you have drums in your early years setting? Do you wonder what to do with them? Well, here are 7 ideas to get you started:

1. Tidy up time

Use a drum to signal that it is time to tidy up.  This could be one bang or the rhythmic pattern of the words you  normally say (tap the syllables in the words)

2. Sound patterns

With the children who are 3 years and older ask them to play simple sound patterns using different words on the drums: tapping the syllables in the words.

3. Explore Dynamics…

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