5 ways to use a parachute during a Music Time

5 ways to use a parachute during a music time.jpg

Do you currently use your parachute during your Music Time?  If not it's time to get it out of the cupboard; it's a great resource!  You may like to try some of these ideas:

1. Move it!

Whether you are singing a song or listening to a piece of music a parachute is great for the children to develop their sense of pulse.  This can be done by moving it up and down, in and out or from side to side.  e.g. in Row, row, row the boat move the parachute in and out for the rowing and from side to side when rocking the boat.

2. Bounce things on top

There’s no end to this with counting songs/rhymes.  Bouncing, monkeys for Five little monkeys, ducks for five little ducks, any soft toys for 10 in the bed…

Listen to music and bounce balls, teddies, balloons...to the music.

3. Moving around in a circle

The parachute helps to keep the children in a circle.  This is great when you want children to march around and then change direction during a song.  For example in the song, Sally go round the sun, on the word BOOM the children change direction.  I have found that having the parachute definitely helps keep the children in a circle shape.

4. Go underneath

Sometimes when you are listening to music hiding under a parachute is great to create an atmosphere. I have used this when listening to 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' with the children.  They start under the parachute and then as the music gets louder they emerge from underneath and march around as the music gets louder.

5. Alter it slightly

I have some parachutes that I have altered slightly.  I have attached ribbons that have velcro at the bottom so that I can hang pictures underneath; a cheaper option than buying puppets.  For example with the song '5 little ducks' you could hang 5 pictures of ducks from the ribbons so that the children can go underneath and remove them as each duck disappears in the song.  Then for the final verse ask them to reattach them when the ducks swim back to mother duck.

Go on, get that parachute out during your Music Time.

Happy music making!



Amanda Slater Oct 9, 2017 10:44am

What lovely ideas! I've used songs in parachute sessions, but not used the parachute in music sessions- sometimes a change of perspective works wonders :)

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I'm pleased you found it useful Amanda. Anne :)

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