10 Top Tips for 10 Years

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This November marks 10 years since I started Musical abc, my independent music classes for the under 5s.  If you don’t know my background, I studied musical composition and then trained as a primary school teacher, with 4- 8 years as my specialist age range, although I spent most of my teaching career in Reception. So, with Musical abc I aimed to use my experience of teaching and music to bring a live music experience to young children and adults in my local area.  I have learnt lots over the last 10 years whilst leading my music times. I am going to share with you my 10 Top Tips:

Tip 1

Have more activity ideas planned for a music time than you need as there have been times when I need more ideas.

Two 2

Be willing to adapt activity ideas on the spot.  E.g. change the words in a song to fit the children’s interests.

Tip 3

Have your resources laid out ready as it really helps a music time flow.

Tip 4

Variety is key!  A combination of sitting, standing, moving, actions, props, playing instruments helps to keep all children engaged.

Tip 5

Quality instruments last!  The children are still playing the instruments I bought 10 years ago.

Tip 6

Carry spares of everything. 

  • Batteries for fibre optic lights
  • Strings for your guitar as it may fall out of the car
  • More props than you need as there may be more children than you are expecting...

Tip 7

If you lose your voice don’t try to carry on.  I did and it took me 8 weeks to get my voice back.

Tip 8

Don’t always stick to your plan. e.g. let the children choose songs they would love to sing

Tip 9

End of season sales are great for finding bargain props.

Be careful though as they can end up taking over your house; I now have over 1000 props stored around my home.

Tip 10

Save ideas.  If you hear a song or a piece of music that you really like, note it down or save a post on social media, as these can be great for future activities.


What I have learnt most over the last 10 years is what a difference music can make to a child.  I have seen how it has helped children: become more confident; enthused to move and dance; turn a frown into a smile; share instruments without being asked; spontaneously start singing a song we have learnt when they used to just sit quietly.  Music is such a wonderful tool!

A big thank you to all the families and early years settings that I have worked with over the years.  I am very lucky to have a job I love.


To celebrate I'm offering 100 Baby Music Online Training places at £33 instead of £99.  To read more and to sign up click here: https://musicalabc.simplero.com/baby-music This offer ends on 15th November or before if all the places are sold.


Happy music making and here’s to another 10 years!



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