Hello, how can music help children develop in other areas of their learning?


...is a confidence builder

...can get children moving

...can help build language

...helps with maths and literacy

...links to technology and all cultures

...is a great stimulus for creativity

Would you like to help more children shine in their learning?

I'm sure that is a yes!  Music, being the universal language that it is, can appeal to so many children. As well as being enjoyed as a wonderful creative subject it is also a great learning tool. 


How can I help you use 'Music as a Learning Tool'?

This September, I will be launching 'Music and the 7 Areas of Learning' online training course that takes you through all 7 areas of learning with tricks and tips on how you can use music activities to help more children shine in their learning. 

Personal and social.jpgPersonal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical.jpgPhysical Development

communication.jpgCommunication and Language



world.jpgUnderstanding the World

expressive.jpgExpressive Arts and Design


It will include years of tried and tested ideas to save you wasting your time, energy and money researching and then trying things that may or may not work. 

Giving you great value for money with step-by-step help that is for anyone who works with children from ~2 to 5 years.

Your training will take place on this secure website with your own private login.  Where you will be able to complete the online training at a pace, on a device and a place that suits you: be that a smart phone, tablet or computer in a comfy arm chair or at a desk.  Also re-visit anything you want to go back over whenever you want. PLUS as you would if you attended in-person training, you will be able to ask me any questions in the training only supportive Facebook group.

Can music really help?

I have seen first-hand how music has helped children, for example: a non verbal child respond by making an improvised vocal sound with the stimuli of a rhyme and teddy; a child who speaks very little English say the repetitive rhythmic line in the rhyme 'Banana, banana';  a shy child become a showperson, who has so much musical talent, when singing and clapping at the same time as friends; an autistic child stop crying and start smiling and dancing to music. 

Music has such power and is a wonderful tool to use within the early years and beyond!

Does my training help?

Yes! Here are a few comments from my other online training course:

Baby Music: “I found the downloadable worksheets good as I could refer back to them and plan to use them as a guide when I begin to plan my baby sessions.” Dawn Chapman, DC Dance & Performing Arts

Magical Music Time: “I enjoyed the videos and weekly challenges. It was great to do things step by step, building on my learning” Sam Boyd, Sam Boyd's Childminding

Magical Music Time: “Loved the easy to follow, step by step training method.” Jo Green, Preschool Learning Alliance

Musical Elements: “I enjoyed the fact that everything was explained simply so that if you were learning about music for the first time you could understand everything.” Jenny Hughes

Where do I sign up?

The training will be available to purchase at the Extra-Early-Bird price of just £29 from September for just 4 days!  It will then have an Early Bird Offer and then go to the introductory price of £99 which will still be a bargain.

There will also be the opportunity to sign up for 1 month's free access to a selection of activities for the ~2 to 5 Years on the Early Years Music Ideas website, which will have links from this training, then at much reduced monthly rate.

PLUS a completion certificate to put towards your PDP.

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