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You want to give the children in your care the best musical start!

You have already conquered delivering a music time, YAY!!!! You feel confident in your approach and can see the children having a great time singing, exploring instruments and listening to music.  You now want to take the children's musical experience to the next stage by also exploring the Music Elements BUT, one or more of the following is stopping you! Maybe you:

♪  Don't feel you have a clear understanding of the musical elements
♪ Are not sure how the children can explore the musical elements
♪ Are wondering, how can you help the children with your limited knowledge? OR
♪  Are wondering, how can you use your music skills and knowledge to help the children?

Good news! I have created an online training course to help!

Over the years I have learnt and developed ways to help children explore the basic musical elements

If you lead music times with children from ~3 to 5 years as a childminder, early years practitioner, day nursery owner/manager, reception or nursery teacher, or under 5s music class, then I have created my Musical Elements training for you!  

What if you could start that training right NOW?

You can!

The course is delivered online and is there to access NOW! 

Keep scrolling to find out what is included.


The Musical Elements Training Course includes:

Module 1: Start with the Basics

  • What are the musical elements?
  • What to expect from the child?
  • What can you do to help the child? 

Module 1 Outcome:

  • You will reflect on your current understanding and how you can help children with the musical elements.

Module 2: How and When?

  • How can you approach the exploration of the musical elements?

  • When during your time with the children can you explore the musical elements?

Module 2 Outcome:

  • You will be able to identify how and when is suitable to explore the musical elements for the children in your setting.

Module 3: Singing and Rhymes

  • Starting with Songs and Rhymes!
  • Using what you already know
  • How can you use vocal play?
  • A selection of Song and Rhyme activities that explore some musical elements

Module 3 Outcome:

  • You will be able to select songs and rhymes suitable for the children in your setting.

Module 4: Instruments and Body Percussion

  • What instruments do you have and how can you use them?
  • What is body percussion?
  • A selection of Instrument and Body Percussion activities that explore some musical elements

Module 4 Outcome:

  • You will be able to select instrument and body percussion activities suitable for the children in your setting.

Module 5: Listening to Music

  • Why include listening to music?
  • How can you approach listening with a focus on the elements?
  • A selection of listening activity ideas each with an element focus.

Module 5 Outcome:

  • You will be able to select listening activities suitable for the children in your setting.

PLUS you get…

Completion Certificate

By the end of the training course you will have the knowledge to deliver music activities that have a musical element focus!

What are people saying about the training?

  • Musical abc

    “I enjoyed the fact that everything was explained simply so that if you were learning about music for the first time you could understand everything.”

  • Musical abc

    “I now have a much greater understanding of Dynamics, Tempo, Duration and pitch. Thank you for giving clear examples.”

    Bournemouth Early years

  • Musical abc

    “How to incorporate the musical elements within the nursery rhymes you are singing with the children - so they are learning the "basic music skills" e.g. beats, without even knowing it! This will definitely help them as they get older, as I teach adults who cannot even do this!”

  • Musical abc

    “The variety of ideas was useful but also to confirm my approach is what other practitioners are doing. I would really like to implement listening to music in my sessions, I haven't done this due to going into different schools but I think it would add something new. I liked the idea f the children learning to recognise the sound of the instruments and introducing the instruments through their timbre. I tend to group the instruments by like/kind but for my session on timbre I could create an activity in which the children listen to and group the instruments to timbre.”

    Gateshead Music Service Early Years Lead

  • Musical abc

    “I really enjoyed this training especially Module 4.”

  • Musical abc

    “It was broken down well for each element and new topic.”

    Early Years Practitioner

  • Musical abc

    “The basics in the first module was a good refresher as I haven't learnt about musical elements since secondary school! Finding out which instruments have the same timbre was interesting, I had usually grouped them by 'bang' or 'shake' which I can see now isn't the most useful way to help children identify sounds. It was also nice to hear new songs and rhymes I haven't used before as after 11 years teaching nursery and reception my repertoire feels a bit stale. Focusing my music sessions on familiar songs seemed almost too simple when I first heard you say it, but then after watching the videos I can see how it's much easier to teach new ideas using familiar content than trying to teach lots of new songs first.”

    Reception Class Teacher, Swindon

  • Musical abc

    “Great short clips of videos
    Lovely ideas”

    Springfield Primary Burnley Lancashire

  • Musical abc

    “I really enjoyed the clear films and demonstrations. It has given the confidence to take into my Nursery and share with the EY team.”

  • Musical abc

    “Very easy to follow and loved the songs very informative”

    Littlehands preschool

  • Musical abc

    “I enjoyed the videos of you talking through and explaining each individual module and how they were broken down. I also liked that there is a starting point and then how to move on from that very good for someone who has no music background. This has really inspired me into delivering music time and giving the children knowledge and confidence to why music is important in early years.”

    Early years practitioner Local authority Scotland

  • Musical abc

    “I really enjoyed the training as I am not very musical, it started off with the basics which I needed, to grow my confidence in exploring music with the under 3’s I work with, thank you!”

    East Dunbartonshire Council

  • Musical abc

    “Its a great course that has you imagining the groups you would work with and what they would get out of it. I like how you identified that EAL children will also get something out of the sessions as we have quite a few in my setting and i think it will be a great way to welcome and include those children and get them involved.”

    T.A at a local authority school in reception class.

  • Musical abc

    “It is always good to re-visit things we have been 'doing for years'. I liked your suggestions on how to introduce children to music in stages as this is something we often forget in schools. For example, listening and understanding beat, tempo etc is as important as the words.”

    Pre-school leader. Everton Heath Primary School.

  • Musical abc

    “I like the ideas for rhymes and songs already known, and also the new rhymes exploring the musical elements. I also enjoyed listening to all the different types of music in Module 5.
    I am looking forward to going back to nursery after this lockdown and trying out some of the ideas. One of two things added to my wish list, a thunder drum, ocean drum, possibly some speakers to go outside.”

Here’s a little about me and how I can help you

I’m Anne, a musician, composer, teacher, trainer and mum!

I started teaching music to the under 5s in 1998 as a qualified primary teacher and was also the school Music Co-ordinator.  After a break from teaching, to look after my own little people, I setup Musical abc in 2008 to teach music to the under 5s: classes for babies, toddlers and preschools.

I have worked with many children and have gained and developed fun ways to help children explore music. I will be sharing my knowledge and experience of how I explore the musical elements through this course.

I look forward to helping you bring the joy of music to the children in your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How do I access the training?

Very easily! As long as you have access to the internet on a device (phone, tablet or computer) you can access the training. All the training is done on a secure website. On signing up you will allocated a username and password. 
Then, click on the link for the secure website, enter your login and password that’s it you can start your training! Super easy!

I'm worried about entering my payment details online, how do I know it is safe?

My website is secure as can be seen by the padlock symbol in the address bar: Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.13.26.png

All payments are done securely through Stripe; your payment details are never disclosed.

- Can I share the training with colleagues?

Each training place purchased is for an individual to watch and work through.

That person CANNOT share their login details and the training material in electronic or printed format: e.g. videos, workbooks, checklists.

- Can I do the training if I run an under 5s children’s business?

Yes, the training and activity ideas you are free to use to teach young children. However, they are for your own use ONLY.   THEY CANNOT BE USED FOR YOU TO TRAIN OTHERS FOR FINANCIAL GAIN OR BE ADDED TO A FRANCHISE CURRICULUM.

This is a digital product and is delivered immediately after purchase and therefore under UK law doesn't fall under the 14 day 'cooling off' period. This means that you won't get a refund

This is a digital product and is delivered immediately after purchase and therefore under UK law doesn't fall under the 14 day 'cooling off' period.  This means that you won't get a refund 

Will the training show demonstrations with groups of children?

Sorry no, for child protection reasons this is not possible.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.