7 Songs/Rhymes That Get Children Moving!

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Music and movement go together like cheese and crackers, a chair and table, rain and an umbrella.. you get the idea; they complement each other.  So, I have listed 7 songs and rhymes that I know will get children moving!

1. Grand Old Duke of York.  Who can sing this nursery rhymes without moving?  The words tell the children what to do.  It is great for emphasising the pulse (the beat in music).  If you're not sure about what is meant by the pulse/beat please watch my video below:

2. Animal Stomp.  This is a song that I wrote to help children develop an understanding of Tempo (fast and slow).  Using movement is a great way to explore this in music!

3. When all the cows were sleeping.  This starts with all the children lying down on the floor and they listen for the signal (the word 'up') to get up and start moving their body like a scarecrow: usually a flippy floppy move!

4. Sleeping Bunnies.  This is very similar to 'when all the cows...', the children lie down on the floor and they listen for the signal (the words 'jump up') to get up and start jumping like bunnies.

5. Banana banana.  The children love doing the 'bump bump bump' and 'jump jump jump' line in this rhyme.  The repetitive words also enable the children to pick it up really quickly.

6. Jelly on a plate.  Wobbling like a jelly and throwing the biscuits in the tin is a great song to gain smiles.

7. Horsey, Horsey.  Galloping around like a horse always goes down well.  The children particularly love singing and moving to this song outside.

All of the above songs and rhymes are available in the Activity Ideas for ~ 2 to 5 Years in the online resource Early Years Music Ideas: https://musicalabc.simplero.com/pages/early-years-music-ideas

I'd love to hear what your children's favourite movement songs and rhymes are, please share them in the comments section below.

Happy music making!



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