Sensory, Stimulating and Soothing Baby Music

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Sensory, Stimulating and Soothing Baby Music

Baby music doesn’t need to be at a specific time but ideally, there needs to be some music in every baby’s day.  It might be singing a lullaby to sooth them before sleep; tickling their hands or feet to stimulate them during a nursery rhyme; or listening to music whilst watching bubbles float in front of them.  Music can be used at various times during a day to stimulate and soothe, and to develop the senses.

I have learnt and developed many different baby musical activities over the years, from caring for my two children and through my baby music classes at Musical abc.  Here are some ways to use music to develop the senses, stimulate and sooth:

Developing the senses:


It is important that children listen to a wide genre of music from an early age as music preferences are made early in life.  So why not start them young.  Let them listen to pop, classical, rock, jazz, world music….  Whilst listening you may like to move them to the music or stimulate them by using a prop like bubbles, fabric, lights ….


Adding a brightly coloured prop whilst singing or saying nursery rhymes is a great way to develop their sense of sight.  For example, you might like to use a bright yellow duck puppet, soft toy or printed image whilst singing 'Five little ducks'.


Singing/saying hand and foot rhymes can help develop their sense of touch.  E.g. 'Round and round the garden'.  Also using different textures of fabric whilst singing songs like, 'A snake is very smooth'.

Music to stimulate throughout the day

Feeding time:  Whether that be having a bottle or sold food why not sing a song or improvising sounds.   I'm sure we've all done aeroplane sounds as we move a spoon towards a mouth; when you doing the descending glissando (going down in pitch) on the nnneeaoowww move the spoon from high to low into the mouth.

Nappy time: Create a song that you sing whenever it is nappy changing time.  You can take songs that you already know and change the words. E.g. Here we go round the mulberry bush could become: this is the way we change the nappy.


Lullabies are great to soothe a baby whether they are grumpy or need calming ready for sleep.  The one I’m sure many people know is 'Rock a bye baby'.

Alternatively just humming a tune can work wonders.


There are many ways that music can be a part of baby's day.  What are you already doing? And what can you add to your repertoire?

Would you like some help with baby music?

To help more people bring music to the little people in their care I have developed an online training course called Baby Music.  It goes through how you can bring more music to the little ones in your care.  If you’d like to find out more please click on this link:

Happy music making!



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