Babies love music too!

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Have you ever noticed how we instinctively communicate with babies in a ‘sing-song’ way?

Several studies have shown that babies respond more to a singing voice, than to a normal talking voice.

‘While spoken language can take more than a year to develop, music is one of the earliest things parents have with their children…when parents talk to babies, they instinctively switch to melodic and rhythmic intonations as a way of communicating emotional messages.’

Henchman Hoenig of the University of Amsterdam


Children are never too young to hear nursery rhymes. Sing any of the nursery rhymes that you know.  Depending on the age of the baby add bounces and lifts. If you're struggling for ideas take a look at the blog I wrote10 Nursery Rhymes that I Know the Under 5s Love: 

Also sing along to other songs too.  Maybe there’s a tune you have been listening to on the radio.  Don’t worry about singing the words just sing along with simple consonant and vowel sounds: e.g. ‘da’ or ‘ba’ as these are some of the first sounds that babies make.  When my children were babies both my husband and I made up silly songs.  One particular favourite was singing up and down a scale to simple consonant and vowels sounds.


Don't just limit the children to listening to preschool music. Let the children listen to a wide range of music: classical, pop, rock, jazz, world, folk, reggae... As long as the lyrics are suitable put it on and let the children listen.   

Choose a piece and then move the child to the music either supported on your shoulder or bouncing on your knee.  Or even put them on a play mat and let them kick about as the music is being played.

Babies love music too! So get sing and listening to music.

If you would like some more help with baby music please take a look at my Baby Music Online Training Course: 

Happy Music Making!




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