What’s an Online Resource?

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Have you been looking at my online Early Years Music Ideas resource and wondered?

  • Could I use it?
  • Do I need to be technical as it is online?
  • Are there benefits to it being online?
  • Is it value for money?
  • Will it save me time?

Let me answer those questions 

Could I use it?

Yes, there are music activities ideas for children from 0 to 5 years. The activity ideas are all delivered through video.  There are also MP3 recordings of songs and rhymes to help you learn, and printouts too!

Do I need to be technical as it is online?

No, as long as you have access to the internet, which you must as you’re able to read this blog, then you’re all set. 

The resource is delivered securely via a private login and password website; only those who have a login and password can access the resource.

Are there benefits to it being online?

Yes, there are lots:

  • Access whenever and wherever you want
  • Find music activity ideas instantly
  • Watch videos as many times as you want whilst you have membership
  • Pause so you don’t miss anything
  • Instant downloads of recordings and printouts to help you with activities

Is it value for money? 

Yes, for just £15 you can access over 300 music activities; this is for one month’s access. You can join and leave as you need with monthly commitment or commit for a year and pay just £7 a month to access all the activities.  Also, you can choose to have just the baby ideas or the 2 to 5 years ideas. 

You choose what works best for you!

Will it save me time?

Yes, you can search for a topic/themes to bring up music activities.  Then Instantly watch how to do the activity.  Also if there is a piece of music to listen to there are links to purchase downloads from Amazon if you don’t already have the music.

For the 'Activity Ideas for ~2 to 5 Years' there are individual plans for each activity with links to the opportunities for learning.


To read more about the Early Years Music Ideas resource please click here: https://musicalabc.simplero.com/pages/early-years-music-ideas 


If you have any other questions about the resource please put them in the comments section below.  I will then update this blog with answers, thank you.


Happy Music Making!



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